hey there,

i live in boston now, and attend wentworth. this week has been all orientation, i hate orientation.

i love boston, i work at allston beat on newbury street. everyone there seems to be really cool.

i sold the second most clothes last week, that means i made an extra 60 bucks.

we had a meeting this morning. i get 2 pairs of pants at cost every season now. thats fucking sick.

everyone who wears clothes should come buy some from me.

my classes start on tuesday, im pumped, i love computers.

kait, chris, and andy are moving into the city sunday, i cant wait to have my closest friends around.

this year is gunna be rockstar.

the keys to the castle are right where i left them

so im done, i graduated. it feels good. i dont think ill keep in touch with more than 10 people in my class. being done with highschool just gets me so pumped up for college.

so far summer has consisted of grad parties work and music. i had so much fun at justins grad party on memorial day, and i had a blast at coreys grad party last saturday, and chris's party was good time i ate more cookies than i could count.

work is good, i work like 3 days a week and i make good money, its perfect hours too. i work from 8 in the morning til 3 in the afternoon.

me, chris, messer, whynock, and justin jammed last nite, we sounded nasty. i hope that this becomes more than just a jam session because i think we got something.

the only that hasnt been good is that ive only been to the cape once so far this summer. im usually there all the time. i miss it.

i cant wait til everyone is out of school and the cape is packed with people. its soo fun down there.

chapter ended;

so it all ends. highschool is over. i can't picture my life not in high school. i am so excited for college. new people, new life, new experiences. summer is here. make the most of this.

me and andy enjoyed a victory cigar in honor of highschool. we were interupted by my little sister. she has a knack for catching me.

viewing party of west side story tonight. i cant wait. i love the cast and the show.


FRIDAY- i went to the museum of science in boston with my physics class. very interesting. i found out a bunch of cool stuff about space-time, evolution, tamarins, virtual volley ball,reinacted the apollo 13 launch, and even got to watch a woman birth a baby. i brought along my digital camera so you guys can get a preview of the science museum.

P.S. dont click the links. just copy the URL into your explorer.

SATURDAY- work and then band practice, it was sweet. we made a fire in my backyard and played folk music for kevin, matt and alishia.

SUNDAY- worked all day, and now i just ordered pizza and buffalo wings from papa ginoz, i love food.


the script did call for rain but it was clear that day,
so we faked it.

i feel like im waking up from a long sleep. maybe its with weather changing or the sudden change in my daily schedule. but in a weird way i feel free and alive.

the day the play ended me gavin, chris, and andy made a decision. we wondered what we could do with our new found free time and came to a great conclusion. we have decided to start a folk band known as "all the kings horses"

gavin--harmonica, jews harp, washboard
chris--folk guitar
adam--gut bucket, spoons
andy--keyboard, cowbell

thats our predicted line up. we jammed yesterday and sounded cool. we might unleash a little jitty at the viewing of west side story. who knows..

im reaching for something....i dont know what it is...
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when your a jet, your a jet all the way..

over the past few months ive been involved with the musical west side story at my highschool. i played DIESEL, the toughest fighter of the jets. it was so much fun i cant even explain it. we rehersed for several months and it finally all came together opening night. i cant get enough of being on stage in front of 600 people. it felt so good. i loved every second of it. my only regret is not being in productions for all 4 years of high school.


The sun has just set upon the cityscape. The array of neon bulbs and street lamps light the dim streets. As I peer out of my 5th story dorm I see an ocean. I feel as though my cellphone is a fishing line, and I'm just waiting for a bite or call from someone I can talk to or even meet for an overpriced and overheated beverage. I feel trapped inside this room. The city is much too dangerous. You may see tons of beautiful fish bussling around the surface, but your eventually going to meet a shark in the depths. I blame my hermit-like traits on my busy freshman schedule. My excuse for this solitude is that of work, yet i find myself on my laptop computer ,that has been sitting on the same spot on my desk for so long it has left decaying marks in my desk,just playing useless games and downloading the same music by different bands over and over again. This city should be my friend, not my fear.

i have no idea where this came from. i guess its just my fear of being scared of the city next year in college. i hope this isnt what happens, but for some reason i see myself becoming a loner in such a big city. i dont make friends easy, unless guided. i doubt ill ever just walk up to someone on the street or at a coffee shop and introduce myself and make a friend. i wish i could.

i decided tonight
that im staying alive
just kicking and screaming

my life is on fire.

i dont know what it is. i seem to have everything, but i feel like i have nothing at all. i am healthy, i drive a brand new car, i have a beautiful girl, i have great friends, and i have enough money to do whatever i want. yet for some dimented reason i cant be happy.
as aristotle stated you cant find happiness in friendship, honor, money, or enjoyment, im really relating to that. he also states that the only way you can be happy is to make yourself happy. wich i totally agree with. seeing some of the wealthiest people i know be miserable, and yet have lower class people in retrospect seem euphoric.

i seem to find myself blaming everything that goes wrong on one girl. i cant stand doing that. all i want is for her to be happy. after being broken up it seems that ever time she doesnt kiss me, or smile at me, or leave out affection in her attitude towards me rips me apart. i take it so personal, and i think that is whats bringing me down so much. i hope this gets better.
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